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James Dark

Step into the captivating world of Epic Bingo, a game-changing concept born from the ingenious minds of James Dark (an avid charity visionary and community family services support specialist) and Ella Bates (community leader, avid fundraiser and professional speaker). These visionary individuals embarked on a remarkable journey while running fundraisers at their vacation resort for an impressive span of two years (known as booze bingo). During this time, they sold a staggering 400 bingo boards per event, raising substantial sums of money. It was this resounding success that led them to an epiphany - Epic Bingo could be the ultimate fundraising experience!

Intrigued by the boundless potential, Ella Bates took the reins and transformed their passion into a thriving business, officially establishing Epic Bingo as a must-know name in the industry. Meanwhile, James Dark remains an integral part of the Epic Bingo team, frequently lending his charismatic presence as a co-host alongside our other charismatic EB hosts.

Join us in celebrating the dynamic duo behind Epic Bingo and embark on a fundraising journey like no other!  

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